The Dead Photographer

The dreams of becoming a well known photographer has been in my head for years. From practicing long exposures, to objects in motion, I tried my best to hear good feedback from the world. However, I received the  opposite. No one believed in my potential. I was told photography was a waste of time and an area of losers. From relatives, to even my friends always bashing on me whenever I ask for help or feedback, I was alone with my Canon. I was to become a typical brown man who became a doctor or engineer, but that would mean becoming a person I’m not. There is no reason to live on to be forced to become someone you aren’t, because the regret of wanting you to become you will haunt yo forever.The  conservative traditions have covered my passion and drive and killed the creativeness within me. I am not who I want to be. People see me as the 4.0 engineer working at a tech company. However, I see a man of crushed dreams. I see, the dead photographer.


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